Magical Marrakesh ,Morocco

A Place like no other,it takes you to the history. This city is filled with colors there are many palaces ,mosques and lot of market places called souks.We stayed at Riad Jardin garden secret its a beautiful place to stay and people are very friendly.

unnamed (9)

Mornings in Riad Jardin

unnamed (8)


Our Room



Beautiful memories in Riad Jardin



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List of places to visit in Marrakesh

There are lot many places to visit in Marrakesh.We are able visit most of them.

Majorelle Garden

Jacques Majorelle created this majestic garden ,he was a painter for fourty years.It was very beautiful with painted royal blue house and magical garden.This is must visit place in Marrakesh. This place has exotic plant from all over the world.We love the tall cactus plants,they are amazing.

unnamed (19)

unnamed (20)

unnamed (21)

Bahia Palace

This is the most beautiful place we have ever seen.we loved Β each and everything about this place.It is located in Medina.The tile work and colors used in the palace were outstanding.There is huge garden with orange trees and small water fountains ,this place is a must visit in Morocco.


unnamed (23)

unnamed (24)

unnamed (25)

unnamed (26)


unnamed (22)

Tile work

Jemaa El Fnaa

This is the main square and market place ,this is lively in the evening with snake charmers and live performers.

Kautoubia Mosque

This is the largest mosque in the Marrakesh city.Non Muslims are not allowed inside the mosque but you appreciate the beauty from outside.

Dar Si said

This is a museum which displays Moroccan objects,old furniture and rugs from 13th century.

Ben Youssef Madrasa

Ben Youssef Madrasa used to be iconic Islamic collage in the past now it is visiting place for tourists.It is the largest madrasa in morocco.

unnamed (27)

unnamed (28)


This is Portuguese port city located nearby Marrakesh. Its a 2 hours drive from Marrakesh city.This place has beautiful beach,there are many activities to do and game of thorns was shot here.

unnamed (41)

unnamed (33)

Riad in Essaouira

unnamed (40)

Fun things to do in Marrakesh

Moroccan Mint tea

Drink mint Tea on a terrace roof top,in Marrakesh Β terraces are nicely decorated with so many plants.Enjoy sunset in a terrace garden having a cool mint tea.


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Eat Tajine

This is a traditional Moroccan food cooked in terracotta pot ,it is delicious and Β very healthy.One should not miss this in morocco.

unnamed (18)

Shop in Souks

Souks are the market places in Marrakesh,they very beautiful and colorful you can find a amazing leather slippers called babouches, there are lot of shops selling spices, handwoven rugs, leather bags ,clothes ,shawls and beautiful lamps.Here are some pictures of souks which will give you an idea of how beautiful they are.Its a once in lifetime experience.

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

Traditional Hammam and Massage

Get a traditional hammam,this is a must do thing in Marrakesh.There are so many public and private hammam places.We visited heritage spa in Medina it was wonderful they give private hammam services to couples.

unnamed (7)

Heritage Spa

unnamed (3)

Heritage Spa

Henna Tattoo

Get a henna tattoo done you can see women doing henna tattoos everywhere.Its a fun thing to do in Medina.

Camel riding in ourika valley

The camel ride in ourika valley overlooking the huge atlas mountains was breathtaking should never miss this tour.

unnamed (30)

Ourika Valley

unnamed (29)

Camel Ride in Ourika Valley


unnamed (34).jpg

Atlas Mountains

Argan oil Production

On our way to Ourika Valley we stopped at place where local people demonstrate the argan oil production.

unnamed (38).jpg

These goats climb the argan trees to feed on fruits and leaves then the goats poop out the undigested seeds of argan which is collected by locals for the extraction of oils.This oil is used in various cosmetic products.

unnamed (37)unnamed (36)

Horse Carriage ride

Discover Marrakesh on a horse carriage.This is a very common means of transport in marrakesh.

unnamed (39)

Where to Eat

There are many local food restaurants in Marrakesh.The local food is tajin which is pot cooked one should definitively try the local restaurants.If you are celebrating any special occasion you can try La Mamounia and Royal Mansour they have great ambiance and food you can even stay there.

unnamed (42)

Royal Mansour



unnamed (4)

La Mamounia





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