Costa Rica

Things not to miss in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is beautiful place known for its beaches along pacific and Caribbean coasts , active volcanoes and cloud forest.

Bird Watching

Costa Rica Bird watching is best in the world we have been to this four hour bird watching tour and loved will spot different and special bird species , it was an amazing experience in the rain forest.

Arenal Volcano

Its a three hours walking tour were you witness the eruption of volcano happened in 1968.This volcano is one of the active volcano.Its really beautiful with its perfectly symmetrical shape.Its a must do activity in Costa Rica and its worth a visit.


Coffee Plantation tour

Costa Rica is also known for its coffee.This place has number of varieties, in this tour they will show you traditional methods used in the production of coffee ,picking the right cherries and they will explain you harvesting methods used in Costa Rica.

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Hot Springs

Costa Rica tour is never complete without visit to a hot spring. There are many natural and man-made hot spring in this country.We have been to a natural hot spring called Tabocan hot spring which is rich in volcanic minerals.



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Water Falls

We have been to La Paz water falls located in central Costa Rica. It was beautiful with nature park and butterfly observatory which largest in the world.There is humming bird garden is filled with twenty four species of colorful humming birds. We loved watching them every second.

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Suspended bridges and Zip lining tours

Walking on the suspension bridge in cloud forest watching different animal species is an amazing experience. There is a zip lining tour on the way where you get to see the forest canopy and most beautiful water falls.This tour covers four activities which lasts for about four hours.

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