Colombia Travel

We have been to Bogota and Guatape in Colombia. We loved each and everything about Colombia. There is something to do for everyone. It is covered by Rain forests and Andes mountains. We fell in love with colorful architecture and culture of Colombia. There are many coffee plantations to visit and activities to do.

Things to do in Bogota

we stayed in Bogota for three days in Intercontinental hotel located in the center of the city ,it is the old historic place in Bogota.

La Candeleria

La Candeleria is the home to many colorful historic buildings,museums ,restaurants and there is graffiti everywhere. This place is bright and vibrant a walk in these street is must when you visit Bogota.

unnamed (6)

Bolivar Plaza

This square has baroque inspired church which is old and beautiful.The square has many Β tourist attractions.Street Performances are lively to watch.In the holiday season this place even more beautiful.



Gold Museum

The museum of gold is much visited place in Colombia.It is really fascinating to see the history and gold art. Creative display and movie theater makes it more in interesting.

Salt Cathedral

The Salt cathedral of Zipaquira roman catholic church.Experiencing the salt caves was out of the world.The carvings and stories of the church are amazing.Its a must visit place in Bogota.

unnamed (8)


This place is located on top of the hill. The cable car ride which offers the views of the is city is an amazing experience. This place has restaurant on top and bird watching center with some beautiful view points.

unnamed (19)

Cathedrals of Bogota

There are many cathedrals to visit Bogota. Our favorite was St Clara church it is the most beautiful church we have ever seen.Architectural details of all the cathedrals in Bogota are marvelous.

Here is the list of cathedrals we visited during our trip :

  • St Francis church
  • St Augustine church
  • St Clara church
  • Cathedral primada


Picture courtesy : google

Guatape and El penol

Its a must a visit town in Medellin where you will come across most beautiful and colorful streets in the world. You can take Pablo Escobar’s tour as well. there is huge rock with above 700 steps the view from the top are amazing.





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