Colors of Panama

This summer we had a wonderful time in Panama.It is very urbanized and has cultural significance.Our trip to Panama was for four days we stayed at hotel Waldorf Astoria which is located in the center of the city.This hotel has all the amenities we stayed in seventeenth floor ,views of the city were amazing.

Views from the room

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Our Stay at Waldorf Astoria

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Panama Canal

There is something for everyone in panama city one of my favorite thing to do was Panama canal where you can witness the ships passing through an artificial water way which extends up-to 48 miles.This a place where Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet.It is very impressive to watch ships pass by the gates of panama canal.

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There is museum and a theater which tell us the story of Panama canal.Its a 10 min movie which takes us to the history and construction of Panama Canal.Its a must visit place in Panama city.

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Biodiversity Museum

This Museum located at Amador Causeway and is designed by renowned architect and designer Frank Gehry Β which is a very impressive colorfully constructed structures has many wonders in it and this is first construction by Frank Gehry in Latin America. The theater experience is a must we were surrounded by many animals in ten large three level screens called panarama.

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unnamed (2)

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Casco viejo

This is the old historic place in Panama city. This place is very picturesque with colorful buildings and graffiti. In the day this place has many museums and theaters ,one should not miss the night life in Casco viejo ,it has many lively bars and restaurants.

unnamed (11)

unnamed (10)

Panama is city very vibrant,walks in Casco viejo are can go to sandy beaches pacific and Caribbean.

unnamed (3)


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