One day in Malaysia

Batu caves

It is the most beautiful tourist attraction with large statue of hindu god in salangor. It has three main caves featuring hindu temples thousands of devotees travel here during thaipusam. Its a must visit place in Malaysia.

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Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple is oldest and largest temple in Southeast Asia.This multistory temple is dedicated Chinese sea goddess.It is opened in 1989 and its a must visit tourist attraction in Malaysia.

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Petronas Towers

Petronas towers are designed by Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli. The 88 storey Β twin towers are tallest pair,they have observation deck in 86 floor.The views are amazing.

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Masjid Negara or National Mosque

It is considered to be most religious tourist attraction in the city.It was built in 1965 in modern Islamic style.It can accommodate up to 15000 people for prayer. The entry to the mosque is free but one have to cover their body with gowns offered at mosque.

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KL Tower Mini Zoo

This zoo is located at the bottom of the KL Tower.They have upto 50 species native and exotic.Its an ideal spot to visit and is located in the center of the city to experience wild life and get close to nature.


Kuala Lumpur city Gallery

This is place where one can experience Kuala Lumpur.It has collection of paintings and photos of Kuala Lumpur history. It has display of multicultural costumes and textiles used in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t forget to check the gift shop which consists of souvenirs and other traditional gift of Malaysia.

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